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Give your mind to prayer with humility and with great peace. ~ St. Ailbe

Prayers in the Celtic Style

A Celtic Night Prayer

Creator God who upholds me,
Send your peace to sooth me,
When this world and its troubles,
Press hard down upon me.

Like a fair breeze from the south,
Your words they comfort me.
They make me long each day,
For everlasting justice and peace.

You alone have the wisdom of the ages,
You alone understand my heart.
Please Holy One give me rest and repose,
Give me the peace that only you can grant.

Give me repose this night and every night.
In the name of the Lamb,
The redeemer and the comforter,
Christ our King.


By Beth Maxwell Boyle

A Celtic Morning Prayer

Christ we rise today
Knowing that you alone
Know our hearts
You alone can change
Our sadness into joy
Forgive us our shortcomings
Teach us patience
Teach us kindness
Help us to forgive
Those who have injured us
And keep us from injuring others
Keep our way lighted
With your steadfast love


Prayer by Beth Maxwell Boyle

A Prayer for Renewal


O Creator God

Great one who created the stars and the vast ocean depths.

Let me begin anew and bloom like the flowers,

After a spring rain.

Free me from the pain of my past.

Help me to unburden my mind and soul,

And begin again.

Refresh my soul O Lord,

Let me move forward in hope.

Keep me from revisiting the thoughts and the pain

That have held me down and frozen me in place.

Let me find forgiveness for those who have injured me,

Let me forgive my own mistakes and misdeeds.

You are my compass and my anchor.

Please Lord let me have the strength,

The strength to let go and to move,

Always toward your light,

In Christ's name we pray.


Prayer by Beth Maxwell Boyle.


A Prayer for Troubled Times

O God,
Help us please to understand and to act,
The world has had so many tragedies in recent months.
We struggle to see good some days.
The news is inescapable, at times;

coming even into our pockets and purses.
The bad news is broadcast in restaurants and on screens,

in every public space it seems.
We look for peace and rest.
We struggle and try to see good in our society.
It feels some days like everything is gone we once counted on.
Please God, give us strength and resolve,
To remember that every small act of kindness matters.
Help us to rely on you and your word,
And not on the media and leaders who are weak.
Please guide us and strengthen us to do your will.
We pray Lord you will forgive us for our pettiness,
And help us to remember and follow your Son, our Savior,
Who died on the cross.


Prayer by Beth Maxwell Boyle.

Keep Us O Creator


Creator and King of all Creation,
Let us see your glory in all your creation.
Let us see you in our brothers' and sisters' faces,
Let us feel you in the wind and taste you in the salt spray of the sea.
Shaper of heaven and earth,
Let us see you in the silver face of the moon,
And in the patches of sunlight that filter through the trees.

Bless us with the knowledge of your ways.
Comfort us with your mercy and grace.
Bring us to you with your unconditional love.
Surround us with the laughter of your living water,
And bring us back to you.
Like sheep who have strayed in the last light of day,.
Bring us safely into your fold,

We have wandered.

Please God let us always remember,
The gift of your Son our Lord,
Jesus the Galilean.
Our Shepherd and our Teacher,
In His name we pray,

Prayer by Beth Maxwell Boyle

Rejoice in the Shepherd

Let us raise our voices together,
In thanksgiving to the Lord.
Let the mountains echo with the joyful sound,
With the voices of all the brothers and sisters.

We who follow Him are blessed,
For even though we might stumble,
We might bruise our feet and callus our palms,
He will not let us be lost like orphaned lambs.

We share the knowledge of the Shepherd,
It is He that sustains us and heals our wounds.
He brings us always back to the fold,
To rejoice and to serve Him.

There are stones on the path of life,
There are thistles that slow us,
But always His words are like the sweet water,
That flows in the burn.

Our God is a loving God,
Much joy can be shared in the knowledge,
He will always be with us.
He will not leave us in darkness.

Give thanks to the Shepherd,
Who never forsakes,
Who always abides,
In our hearts and in our minds.


hymn by Beth Maxwell Boyle

Come Holy Spirit



Come Holy Spirit,

Come on the soft steps of a child.

Come Holy Spirit,

Come on the gentle breeze.

Speak to me Holy Spirit,

Speak to me in the rustling leaves.

Speak to me Holy Spirit,

Speak to me in the rushing stream.

Move me Holy Spirit,

Move me like the harp strings playing.

Move me Holy Spirit,

Move me like the caroling wren.

Change me Holy Spirit,

Change my heart and make me live.

Change me Holy Spirit,

Change me so I do your will.



Prayer by Beth Maxwell Boyle

Prayers in the Celtic style by Beth Maxwell Boyle
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