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This handsome, large Celitc cross was reproducted from an antique cross and was hand-cast in fine jeweler's pewter.

Large Celtic Cross

SKU: 284215376135191
  • This large Celtic Cross has a flat and plain back.  This cross is a full 3 Inches tall. This cross pendant  is hand cast in solid, lead free, jeweler's pewter. .  It comes on a waxed cotton cord or a 24 inch stainless chain -You choose.  It also looks wonderful on a leather thong if you want to put it on one..   This is a  great  traditional  cross that goes with any style clothing . It is a suitable gift for the churchman in your life as well. Why not give one as a gift to a priest, pastor or minister you wish to honor. Crosses of this size are sometimes worn low on a long chain and called pectoral crosses.

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