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This is a large, hand-carved representation of the Cross at Fahan Mura in Ireland known as St. Mura's Cross.  It is available on a black cord or 24" chain.The cross was carved by James E. Boyle using the ancient cross of Fahan Mura his inspiration.  The knotwork is deeply carved and the back is plain and smooth. It is a full two and 3/4 inches from the top loop to the base and an inch and a quarter wide. The casting is in the finest jeweler's pewter and is lead free. 

St. Mura's Cross

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  • The St. Mura Cross is a perfect gift for a man or a women and is one of those special pieces that will be treasured for years. It is two and 3/4 inches from the top loop to the base and an inch and a 1/4 wide.  This cross looks excellent on leather, silk cord or a silver chain. Crosses of this size are sometimes worn low on a long chain and called pectoral crosses. This hand-carved cross is based on the Irish slab cross of St. Mura. It was based on the east face of the Mura Cross Slab found in the graveyard near Fahan, Inishowen, Co.Donegal, Ireland.  The stone St Mura’s Cross is carved into a slab nearly seven feet tall that marks the grave of St. Mura, the first abbot of a sixth-century monastery in the far north of Ireland in what is now County Donegal.

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