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Rejoice in the Shepherd

Let us raise our voices together, In thanksgiving to the Lord. Let the mountains echo with the joyful sound, With the voices of all the brothers and sisters. We who follow Him are blessed, For even though we might stumble, We might bruise our feet and callus our palms, He will not let us be lost like orphaned lambs. We share the knowledge of the Shepherd, It is He that sustains us and heals our wounds. He brings us always back to the fold, To rejoice and to serve Him. There are stones on the path of life, There are thistles that slow us, But always His words are like the sweet water, That flows in the burn. Our God is a loving God, Much joy can be shared in the knowledge, He will always be with us. He will not leave us in darkness. Give thanks to the Shepherd, Who never forsakes, Who always abides, In our hearts and in our minds. Amen.

Hymn and photo by Beth Maxwell Boyle

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