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Please Help?

The Celtic Christian Tradition is eight years old this year. After 8 years of running the CCT almost entirely by myself I am finding it hard to keep the page going some days because I now care for my 88 year old Mother and my income is limited and so is my time. I put in 20 to 30 hours some weeks on the page. Much of the content is original and of course I research and look for things to share from other sources that are of interest to the subscribers of the page. I do love doing it and It has been really rewarding and helpful to my own spiritual journey. I very reluctantly am asking my readers now if they could occasionally donate a little money. It would be so appreciated. One can also shop on the new web page and that helps. I am 61 and not in the best of health and doing the page is a struggle some days. Please if you could give me a hand it would be so appreciated so I can continue to keep the Celtic Christian Tradition up to the standards it has always held. I just added the new webpage to supplement the Facebook page with the help of my husband Jim Boyle. We have a couple administrators but over the years they have contributed less and less material so pretty much this has been the effort of one older women living in a old farm house in Western New York. I find it a bit embarrassing to ask for help but I feel I really need to. I hope to see this page continue to prosper and grow with a little help from my friends. Thanks so much. Yours truly, Beth

Isle of May, Scotland 2005

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