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Most Difficult of Times

Yesterday I posted that I had been hacked and locked out of Facebook. This problem I am having with Facebook is extremely distressing. On the 18th of Oct. my personal profile and all my pages were hacked by a foreign national who was trying to extort us into giving them 400 dollars in bitcoin to not publish porn to embarrass us. I was not really too concerned as I have had phishing emails of this nature before. Well this time they said they knew I had used porn sites and they had activated my camera and filmed me viewing porn videos. Well my PC has no camera and no one here watches porn so I thought it was not a very serious threat. I called my internet provider and forwarded a copy of the email. I let Facebook know as well. Well soon I started getting notices my Facebook password was changed. Then I got messages from Facebook questioning if it was me and I said no. This continued to happen many times. I wrote Facebook from my profile and let my husband know but he was away doing a trade show. I told Facebook I was hacked. Soon after that my profile was hacked and so were my pages and the administrators were removed from my pages including my husband.. My Linkedin account was also hacked and soon I was getting applicants from around the world for a job position I had not offered posted by a hacker. I did a virus sweep and found one malware virus that got through my defences on the 18th. I think because it was a weekend my Internet provider did not review the situation. Finally on Monday I was able to change my password and lock out the hackers but the horse had left the barn by that time. When my husband returned he installed more expensive protection on my PC but the hacker did something much worse. They posted porn on some of my pages which automatically triggered Facebook to lock me out. I got back in after protesting and then it must have happened again and now I am locked out of Facebook and they will not let me in. The horror of this all is Facebook does not have customer service or a phone number you can call. I have written Facebook security repleatly and have gotten no reply. When I try to go to Facebook where I remain logged in I get a message I have violated community standards and they will review it but if they do not believe me I am locked out of Facebook forever. To make it worse Facebook sent a automated form email from security telling me I have 18 more days to appeal but I can't get in to appeal. I get the same messages every time and it says check back. I am posting the messages here. I thought maybe I should log out and then got a warning not to do that or I was locked out for good. If there is anyone out there who has had anything like this happen please contact me? I read some articles about other businesses being locked out as well so this is not a unique situation. One was a plant nursery. I felt so certain once Facebook reviewed my warnings I had been hacked and checked the ip addresses of the hackers I would simply be allowed in to try to clean up the mess. My friends are calling me distressed I am gone and I fear for my pages I have worked on for over a decade. I do not understand how a massive corporation can have no customer support what so ever and am very distressed they never responded when my husband and I both told them we were hacked. Needless to say I am distressed and frightened by all this.

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