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Keep Us O Creator

Keep Us O Creator

Creator and King of all Creation, Let us see your glory in all your creation. Let us see you in our brothers' and sisters' faces, Let us feel you in the wind and taste you in the salt spray of the sea. Shaper of heaven and earth, Let us see you in the silver face of the moon, And in the patches of sunlight that filter through the trees.

Bless us with the knowledge of your ways. Comfort us with your mercy and grace. Bring us to you with your unconditional love. Surround us with the laughter of your living water, And bring us back to you. Like sheep who have strayed in the last light of day.

Bring us safely into your fold.

Please God let us always remember, The gift of your Son our Lord, Jesus the Galilean. Our Shepherd and our Teacher, In His name we pray, Amen.

Prayer and photo by Beth Maxwell Boyle

Garry River, Invergarry Scotland

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