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Celtic Christian Pilgrimage 2020

TCCT is hoping to partner with a group in the UK and offer a walking trip or pilgrimage in either the UK or Ireland in 2020. This would be for a small group of 10 or under. We are just in the early planning stages but would like to announce our intentions at this time and ask our members where they would most like to journey in the UK. Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland are all possibilities. The package we will offer will not include transportation to Ireland or the UK. We would be grateful if we could get some feedback from you with your ideas of what you would most want to see. Our partner in this has been doing these walking trips since 1985. We would have one leader from TCCT and one from our partner. Reply here on on our Facebook page if you would like to make known what you would like a CCT walking trip to be in the not so distant future. -Beth

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