Amhrán na Cásca (The song of Easter)

All things must be fulfilled When the soul departs, the house lies still There was grief in their hearts But love there also Which took them with spices to the tomb Searching for the living among the dead the tomb empty before the dawn this was the night when darkness was banished this was the night when Christ broke the chains of death this was the night that the stone moved to release the dawning of the day this was the night a night of blessings a night which put an end to sorrow the stone that moved the empty tomb the cold grave slab beneath the new born sun victory over death victory over sin over wrong victory of love Haleluia etc

Tiocfaidh gach ní chun chríoc nuair a teitheann an anam ní corran an tigh Bhí néal ina gcroíthe, ach grá do mhair, a thóg le spíosraí chun uaigh iad Ar tór na mbeo i measc na marbh An cillín folamh roimh bánú an lae Seo d’ é an oíche, a ruagadh an dorchadas Seo d’é an oíche, nuair a bhris Chriost slabhradh an bháis Seo d’é an oíche gur ghluais an chloc, cun scaoileadh le bánú an lae Seo d’é an oíche, Oíche na suáilce, Oíche chur deireadh leis an bhrón An chloc gur ghluais, An uaigh bhí folamh, An leac fhuar faoi gath an ghréin úr-beirthe. Bua thar an bháis, Bua thar an pheaca, Thar an feal, Bua an ghrá. haleluia etc

Follow the link to hear this Gaelic (Irish) hymn for Easter Day.


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